Swimming Pools /  Installation

About the Process of Swimming Pool Installation

Considering a brand new swimming pool installation for your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast property? There are several steps between finalising your perfect design, and actually swimming in your pool for the very first time. At Barrier Reef Pools Brisbane, we’re highly experienced in swimming pool installation, and can make sure that each and every step goes as smoothly as possible. Here are the basic stages of the installation process :

  • Your agent and installer will submit a layout plan and obtain council approval.
  • The hole is carefully excavated, the base prepared and levelled.
  • Pool is lowered into position. Even tight and difficult access is not a problem.
  • Pool is accurately positioned, and plumbing connected.
  • A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surround.
  • Final paving, landscaping, fencing. Pool is then commissioned and you’re ready to go!

For more information on swimming pool installation in Brisbane and surrounding regions with Barrier Reef Pools, please feel free to contact us.

4 Quick and Easy Steps To Owning Your Pool

1. Request A Free Quote

One of our experienced team can organise a free onsite quotation.

2. Approving Your Quote

One of our friendly team will then organise the council approvals before we begin the job.

3. Installing Your Pool

The construction and excavation of your new fibreglass pool will begin and will be installed in as little as seven days!

4. Enjoy Your Pool

Enjoy your pool with family and friends, swim, relax and make many memories for the years ahead.